So what is melanin?

Melanin is the natural pigment in human skin that gives it its colour. It is produced by a specialized group of cells in your skin, known as melanocytes.

Dark skinned people naturally have more melanin in their skin that light skinned people.

Increased melanin production in the skin occurs after exposure to UV radiation (sunlight) and causes the skin to visibly tan, working to protect the skin from radiation damage as it absorbs light and reduces the risk of cancer.

More melanin produced in your skin = a darker tan and increased skin protection!


And what does melanin have to do with Photoskin®?

Our Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster & our After Sun Oil with Melanin Booster contain a breakthrough ingredient that stimulates & boosts your skin’s production of melanin and activates the natural tanning process. The increased melanin production also enhances the skin’s ability to protect itself against harmful UV radiation.

While this ingredient has been shown to work without sunlight, when used during sun exposure its benefits are maximised as sunlight speeds up the melanin production process.

The increase of melanin in your skin results in a faster and darker sun-tan, and longer lasting colour, especially when our After Sun Oil is applied regularly.

Not only does our Sun Tanning Oil contain Melanin Boosting power, but it also contains premium natural and organic oils to further support your skin, hydrate and help maintain your colour.

Healthy skin and more melanin = less skin peeling and a longer lasting tan!


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The Photoskin® Team