Photoskin Illuminating Body Gloss - natural and organic ingredients - photoshoot beach shoot swimwear shoot

Why choose Photoskin?

➣ 100% Vegan-friendly

➣ Natural & Organic ingredients

➣ High-end premium oils

➣ No preservatives or nasties

➣ Proudly Australian made, in small batches

➣ 1000s of happy customers

➣ We pride ourselves on our customer service

➣ Our products WORK!!

Sun Tanning & After Sun Oils

You get great coverage with a small amount of oil, smells fantastic and highly recommend it.

Casey - Sun Tanning Oil

Highly recommend this product! smells amazing, non sticky, drys on quickly and it actually works!!!

Worth every penny.

Paris - After Sun Oil

I use this all the time. My favourite tanning oil with amazing results.

Che Daniel - Sun Tanning Oil

Smells amazing. Love it. Will be ordering more. Love the colour on my skin.

Alexandra - Sun Tanning Oil



With @viviennesteerphotographer as one of the founders and 'photo' in the name, we naturally worked on a photoshoot product, perfected by her, to give instant glowing photo-ready skin (& hair). See above.

Used as an everyday body oil instead of your usual cream moisturiser and as a natural oil hair treatment, this amazing product really is a girls best friend.

It comes in a large 250ml bottle & will give you over 900 sprays, making it great 'value for money'.

The Ultimate Photoshoot Spray

@caseboon @neildixonphoto

A must have for photographers and models!

Jared T - photographer

I love this product especially because I have dry skin naturally, so it makes me feel hydrated and glossy

Danielle K

Seriously delicious in every way . The subtle shimmer on your skin, the soft feel of the moisturiser, I'm addicted!

Bridgette M.

I absolutely love it! Favourite product by far. It's not a complete photo shoot without it now!

Steph Rayner - model

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