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100% Vegan friendly

At Photoskin® - our aim is to provide you with oil based products using premium natural and organic ingredients that your skin will crave & that you can pronounce!

We have done the work in finding the best plant-based ingredients for your skin, especially while being exposed to direct sunlight. The oils we use are known to support and keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Our products are cruelty-free, preservative free and have zero nasties & most importantly deliver amazing results, every time.

Sun Tanning & After Sun Oils

Tanning Oils


You get great coverage with a small amount of oil, smells fantastic and highly recommend it.

Casey - Sun Tanning Oil

Highly recommend this product! smells amazing, non sticky, drys on quickly and it actually works!!!

Worth every penny.

Paris - After Sun Oil

I use this all the time. My favourite tanning oil with amazing results.

Che Daniel - Sun Tanning Oil

Smells amazing. Love it. Will be ordering more. Love the colour on my skin.

Alexandra - Sun Tanning Oil

Illuminating Body Gloss

With @viviennesteerphotographer as one of the founders and 'photo' in the name, we naturally worked on a photoshoot product, perfected by her, to give instant glowing photo-ready skin (& hair). See above.

Used as an everyday body oil instead of your usual cream moisturiser and as a natural oil hair treatment, this really is a girls best friend.

The product comes in a large 250ml bottle and will give you over 900 sprays, making it an insane 'value for money' product.

Illuminating Body Gloss


A must have for photographers and models!

Jared T - photographer

I love this product especially because I have dry skin naturally, so it makes me feel hydrated and glossy

Danielle K

Seriously delicious in every way . The subtle shimmer on your skin, the soft feel of the moisturiser, I'm addicted!

Bridgette M.

I absolutely love it! Favourite product by far. It's not a complete photo shoot without it now!

Steph Rayner - model
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