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Discover the Best Body Gloss for a Flawless Look with Photoskin

Delivering glowing results to babes worldwide, our much-loved oils have changed the game when it comes to achieving photo-shoot ready skin that radiates like no other. 

Whether you’re after that instant healthy sun-kissed glow, wanting to treat your skin to its much-needed nutrients, or looking for a fast-actingdark and longer-lasting natural tan - our exclusive ingredients deliver real results.

We’ve perfected our oils to include only the highest quality ingredients that you can love and trust, proudly sourced and made in our little pocket of paradise, Australia.

Our oils are made to feel as good as they look with nothing but organic and natural ingredients that are 100% Vegan Friendly Cruelty-Free - because why would you want anything less on your skin? 



Feel like a sun-kissed beauty on a tropical vacay with our Illuminating Body Gloss that is literally liquid gold in a bottle

There’s a reason why it’s beloved by make-up artists, photographers and glowing babes across the globe because the name says it all - it makes your skin GLOW.

Our luxurious hydrating body oil features a secret gold dust ingredient that gives a luminous bronzed shimmer to your skin as soon as you smooth it on. It doesn’t just look amazing though, our blend is infused with skin-loving organic ingredients that deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, which is why it’s often used as an everyday moisturiser - so you’re treating your skin while you glow!

Enjoy a stain-free formula that’s ever so kind to all skin types, offering fast and deep absorption every time. Don’t forget to carry this on you to get gloriously glowing and shimmery skin instantly wherever you go - no filter needed!



Accelerate & Extend

Tan faster and darker like never before with our exclusive Sun Tanning Oil.

We’ve changed the tanning game with our advanced melanin boosting technology that works to boost the production of the skin’s natural tanning pigment, melanin. By rapidly speeding up your skins natural tanning process, you get less sun and more tan

Our After Sun Oil is the ultimate tan sealer and protectant.

We all know the pain of building a natural tan only to have it peel the next day. Just lather on this beauty and trust your luscious summer glow is here to stay. 

Our best-kept secret to locking in a dark tan, we utilise the skin’s own natural tanning pigment - melanin. Our technology works to boost levels of melanin in the skin so your tan develops faster, darker and lasts for even longer than an average tan.

  • Debbie V.

    I have ordered for 2 summers and have great results. Tried others, but came back to photoskin as it gave me the deep caramel brown tan I wanted.


  • Stefanie D.

    I used this product once my friend had purchased it and the tan I got on the day was amazing! So I purchased my own and cant wait to use it!


  • Edwina T.

    Best Tanning oil I have used so far. I absolutely love it, I tan pretty easy but this oil makes my skin go browner faster than it ever has before.. I recommend this product 100%


  • Lea F.

    The scent is great and perfect to catch up on my friend's tan in France! I love it! I have the bigger size but bought the small one for travelling.


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