About our After Sun Oil

Photoskin® After Sun Oil with Melanin Booster Image 


We searched for months and months from retail to online, local and overseas and couldn't find anything we would put on our own skin after sun exposure that also boosts your melanin for a longer lasting tan. 

We combined our knowledge of natural oils and our amazing breakthrough Melanin Booster, to bring you our After Sun Oil with Melanin Booster!

Packed with hydrating and nourishing plant-based oils, the soothing & skin healing of ALOE VERA OIL and the refreshing & skin cooling of PEPPERMINT OIL this After Sun Oil is exactly what your skin is craving after sun exposure. Add our Melanin Boosting ingredient and you have the perfect TAN EXTENDER!

For best results:

After time spent in the sun (sun exposure), you can apply immediately to help soothe and replenish hydration in your skin. However, we recommend that you apply immediately after showering so your skin will soak it in.

Use daily, after sun exposure to continue to boost your melanin to extended that beautiful colour.


The Photoskin® Team xx

If you have any other questions, please email us at theteam@photoskin.com.au