Coconut Oil - The Wonder Oil

Coconut Oil - The Wonder Oil

Coconut oil – The Wonder Oil

Coconut oil has a range of benefits for your skin and can give some amazing results. Why bother with all the chemicals and fragrances in conventional beauty products when you can get so much more with natural coconut oil. The oil has healing powers and a cleansing ability which helps remove all that dirt from your pores. It is also extremely hydrating which helps nourish your skin and seal in the moisture. Coconut oil gets rid of itches, redness and pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. The oil also has an antibacterial component, which gets rid of all the bacteria, preventing any infections.

Why this wonder oil is used in our Sun Tanning Oil

If you wish to get that tan but don’t want to get burnt in the scorching rays of the sun, a great tip is to apply coconut oil. The oil helps detox your skin, cancels out the free radicals and filters the harmful sunrays, so that you get an even tan without any damage to your skin. Photoskin offers a skin nutritious Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster which combines coconut oil with other natural wonder oils which works perfectly for all skin types!

Why this wonder oil is used in our After Sun Oil

Coconut oil is full to the brim with antioxidants that help counteract the damaging free radicals in your skin. These radicals are particularly troubling after sun exposure and can cause that sunburn that we are all so afraid of. The coconut oil helps prevent this and also soothes the skin, thanks to its amazing nourishing properties. Our After Sun Oil with Melanin Booster was formulated with this in mind & contains some of the best, natural ingredients for your skin.

Clearly, Coconut oil has not one, but many benefits for your skin. You can easily apply this oil for a number of purposes that are sure to leave your skin healthier and more radiant than ever.

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