250ml Sun Tanning Oil for the Tanaholics!

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You told us how much you love our Sun Tanning Oil! You told us that you wished it came in a larger bottle! Well, here it is!

A 250ml bottle for the same price as a Twin Pack (200ml) - JUST $49.95. Comes with trigger spray for a super fast full body application.


We believe we've designed and formulated the best natural and organic tanning oil on the market, so we bottled it, in this stylish white and black bottle - For You!

Packed full of premium plant-based oils, this sun tanning oil will support your skin in the sun by keeping it nourished & hydrated while the melanin boosting ingredient will give you a faster darker tan. 

Lightweight and easily absorbed, this tanning oil will leave you smelling like heaven with its fresh peach scent. 

94% of our customers have told us that they will buy this natural and organic sun tanning oil again & 94% believe it to be of a high and/or very high quality. 

You won't be sorry - #justaddsun


Shake well before use. Instructions 

Our FULL ingredient list (FREE of Nasties and NO Preservatives!):

Melanin Booster - Increases your melanin production; the pigment responsible for turning your skin brown!

Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil & Peach Oil Fragrance.

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