Why choose Photoskin®



Photoskin® is a Melbourne based team, bringing to you what the tanning industry has been missing… a natural and organic Sun Tanning Oil & our NEW After Sun Oil that not only enriches your skin but also increases your melanin production - the pigment responsible for turning your skin brown!

Over the past couple of years, the team researched similar products in the industry and nothing they could find was natural and organic with premium ingredients that ALSO stimulated your melanin.

Some either contain cheap carrier oils like Olive oil, have false claims of melanin stimulation or are filled with harsh chemicals your body shouldn’t come in contact with.

Photoskin® uses the best possible premium oils, known especially for their regenerating and hydrating properties along with a breakthrough, safe, melanin boosting ingredient. Easy to apply, with beautiful light consistency and incredible summer scents.

The bottle has been specially designed as your perfect travel buddy (100ml), in a pump not squeeze for less wastage and up to double the applications.

8 reasons to choose Photoskin®:

  1. MELANIN BOOSTER - Boosts your skin’s pigment responsible for turning your skin brown
  2. NATURAL & ORGANIC - No preservatives, nothing harmful, only ingredients you can pronounce.
  3. PREMIUM PRODUCT - No cheap carrier oils like Olive Oil, only high-end oils known for their unique benefits to your skin.
  4. SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT GLOSS - Less mess, easily absorbed and even application.
  5. PUMP NOT SQUEEZE - Travel size bottle, up to double the applications compared to similar products. Comes with special travel tube - leak proof.
  6. MULTI-USE - Can also be used as a super moisturiser - your skin will love you for it!
  7. FRESH PEACH OIL SCENT - The perfect summer scent for our Sun Tanning Oil.
  8. PREMIUM PEPPERMINT OIL - For a cool & refreshing feeling after sun exposure for our After Sun Oil.