About the Brand

Photoskin® are an Aussie made, Melbourne-based skin care & tanning brand developed by a Melbourne modeling photographer and her husband. After 2 long years of research and development and with the help of a skin regeneration/rejuvenation specialist, Photoskin® has now released two premium products.

Photoskin®'s Sun Tanning Oil and now NEW After Sun Oil both contain a unique breakthrough Melanin Booster, increasing your Melanin production - the pigment responsible for your skin's colour! These products support your skin with nutrient rich oils, help you get darker, faster in the sun, and extend your colour afterwards. 

Photoskin's aim is to provide you with exciting oil based skincare products using natural and organic ingredients. Products that are cruelty-free, preservative free and have zero nasties, but still deliver amazing results!

This is just the beginning!

We know your skin will love you for it!

The Photoskin® Team xx