What is Photoskin® Illuminating Body Gloss?
This product is one of a kind and has been designed for swimwear shoots and photo shoots in general.
Viv was sick and tired of using Baby Oil or a cooking oil spray on her girls! Not only was not good for the models skin but it would stain their clothes, and they would literally cook in the sun. Our Illuminating Body Gloss contains 100% natural & organic ingredients and our added mica pigment lights up your skin in the sun. These bottles have been dubbed 'the magic spray' and are the only ones of it kind.


What is Photoskin® Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster?

Our Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster is a super lightweight, peach-scented sun tanning oil & body oil that hydrates your skin and the melanin boosting ingredient stimulates melanin production for a faster, darker and longer lasting sun-tan! Our Sun Tanning Oil is the ultimate blend of hydrating oils that will keep your skin super hydrated.


What is Photoskin® After Sun Oil with Melanin Booster? 
Our After Sun Oil with Melanin Booster is the first of its kind!! Packed with hydrating and nourishing plant-based oils, the soothing & skin healing of Aloe Vera Oil and the refreshing & skin cooling of Peppermint Oil this After Sun Oil is exactly what your skin craves after sun exposure. Add our key ingredient, the Melanin Booster and you have the perfect TAN EXTENDER!


How do I use Photoskin® Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster?

There are 2 uses for our Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster:

As a Sun Tanning Oil - Apply to your skin when you go tanning in the sun. Our combination of premium natural & organic oils will hydrate your skin while our breakthrough melanin booster ingredient stimulates your melanin for a faster, darker & longer lasting tan. Our products do not contain SPF and we recommend you use a minimum of SPF15 - Don't worry you will still tan!!

As a Hydrating Body Oil - Apply to your skin daily or weekly. Our premium lightweight oils will keep your skin super hydrated and looking its absolute best. Make use of our nutrient rich natural and organic oils which heal and replenish your skin.

How do I use Photoskin® After Sun Oil with Melanin Booster & what does it do? 
The after sun oil is best used after a shower about 30mins before bed. It has a few functions:
1. Aloe Vera & Peppermint oils will soothe your sun-exposed skin.
2. The Melanin Booster ingredient will continue to stimulate your skin's natural melanin (extend your tan).
3. The natural & organic oils will hydrate your skin (hopefully no peeling)


What is Melanin?

MELANIN is the pigment that gives human skin its colour. Dark-skinned people have more melanin in their skin than light-skinned people.

Melanin is produced by cells in your skin called melanocytes. Melanin is released to provide protection against skin damage from the sun. Melanocytes increase their production of melanin in response to sun exposure, hence the development of a sun tan.

Our breakthrough Melanin Boosting ingredient actively stimulates your melanocytes to produce melanin resulting in longer lasting, darker, faster colour.


Are Photoskin® products natural?

Our Sun Tanning Oil is 98% natural & our After Sun Oil is 99% natural. They contain both natural and organic oils and our breakthrough Melanin Booster ingredient which allows you tan darker faster! We only use high-end premium ingredients to make sure you give your skin the very best!!


Are Photoskin® products Aussie?

Photoskin™ is proudly Australian owned and strictly made in Melbourne to ensure the highest quality standards are met and high-quality ingredients are used. We take pride in our products and do not mass produce to ensure the products freshness and maximum shelf life.


Are Photoskin® products vegan-friendly?

Our product is 100% vegan-friendly.


Are Photoskin® products cruelty-free?

We love the fact that our products made especially made for human skin & tested by humans. They are natural and organic with no animal products or by-products in the design of our formulation. NO animal testing.


Do Photoskin® products contain any nasties?

No! We are 100% free of any nasties. No preservatives.


Will Photoskin® products cause skin irritation?

With the help of a skin rejuvenation and regeneration specialist, our products have been developed for sensitive skin in mind. This is why we use natural, organic and vegan-friendly ingredients. If you are highly sensitive we recommend doing a test patch first and if no irritation occurs proceed with use. If an irritation does occur discontinue use. Please consult your health care practitioner if you have any concerns and read our ingredient list before applying. We have made sample packs available for you with this in mind. Click here for our Sample Packs.


Does Photoskin® Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster help protect your skin from the sun?

Photoskin® Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster has premium natural and organic oils, (such as Red Raspberry Seed oil) known to help protect from UV damage to the skin. The stimulation of melanin also assists your skin in the sun - it is your skin's natural defence again the sun. Our product does not contain SPF protection and we recommend you use a minimum of SPF15 when tanning in the sun and limit time spent in the sun.


Can I use Photoskin® products if I am pregnant?

The use of any product during pregnancy is a personal decision and we recommend you always consult your doctor when thinking about using a new product.

Testing on pregnant women is unethical. If you are unsure about any of our oils or ingredients then we recommend you consult your doctor before use.

Our Illuminating Body Gloss contains 100% natural & organic ingredients.

Our Sun Tanning Oil is made with 98% natural & organic ingredients. Our After Sun Oil is made with 99% natural & organic ingredients. 

Please be sure to use our products as directed. 


Are Photoskin® products suitable if I have eczema, psoriasis and/or dry skin?

Our products contain premium natural & organic ingredients like Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil & Vitamin E Oil which are known individually to assist with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and even acne. We believe that our clever combination of high-end oils makes the perfect body oil to help you reduce inflamed and aggravated skin. Keep your skin silky smooth and hydrated by using our Illuminating Body Gloss daily or weekly.


Is Photoskin® Sun Tanning Oil with Melanin Booster a self-tan or fake tan?

This product is not a self-tan or fake tan. Our Sun Tanning Oil will assist your skin to tan in the sun, as well as keep your skin super hydrated and looking healthy. The Melanin Booster can work both in and out of the sun, so it can help extend and maintain your colour for longer.